Procured Frameworks

Innovative Property Investments Ltd (IPI) have procured a framework with local SME's ensuring the best practice and pre-agreed terms and conditions, price and quality levels are achieved. The framework facilitates a long trusting relationship between all parties in any project also promoting the sustainability of local communities.

Our company can offer this framework for any project from new builds to full renovations when an investor purchases a property through our company or if a homeowner would like our company to carry out any renovation work to acquire the property back to a rentable standard, the framework will ensure a more efficient, cost effective hassle free renovation project at a price that can only be obtained through the company framework.

Any property that comes into the company will be surveyed producing a schedule of works for renovation. Once the schedule of works is produced, an AMP (agreed maximum price) will also be established to ensure any investor will have a very efficient cost effective renovation project with no concealed costs.

The aim of frame work is to produce a package that any investor will feel comfortable with, regular updates throughout purchasing process and renovations works will take place, phone calls and progress meetings which will be an essential part of our projects to diminish any problems that may arise. We are committed to any project we take on and feel communication between all parties is essential for any project to run efficiently and to ensure an ever- lasting relationship is achieved.